Wir haben welpen       wir haben welpen        wir haben welpen

 This, we are

we, these are my husband, children, grandchildren and i, live in germany, directly on  the  dutch  boarder, in the pilgrimage town, Kevelaer.

From childhood on,  dogs have accompanaid us. We have engaged in animal welfare. 

. and often we  had dogs, that appeared not negotiable and were described as problem dogs


The dream of owning our first white shepherd came true in 2015

Fuchur- Fionn vom Severihof  came to us .From the first day on, he fitted in perfectly. A dog, as he can not be more faithful

.Calm in itselfs resting, while brimming with strength. a great companion to my children

.Fionn is an assistant dog in the commitent and an important helper in our family.

soon,  we had found the right bitch in holland in the kennel from wihehokewa. Je suis dancer from wihwhokewa, short jazz,  came to us.

What can i say ,  a very active dog outdoors.  High intelligent and very sportive.



while  a female  with tremendous social skills.


Also she works as an assistant dog aswell and makes a great job.

in spring this year, our second female dog moved in.

so sexy and she knows it of the dutch highlands.

we call her caylinn.

beautiful, gentle nature and sensitiv. 


she will make our team perfect with her essence and appearance.

These three dogs are the basis of a great kennel and we are very proud to fulfill all requirements and to be able to breed according to international FCI - guidlines.